A Professional Organizer is a professional who applies their skills and utilizes basic organizing principles and systems to help clients who do not have the time or ability to create order in their home and/or office.  They listen to the needs of their clients, offer solutions, help implement them, and teach effective strategies and processes so clients can stay organized.

*   Increased Self-Confidence
*   Increased Efficiency
*   Reduced Stress
*   Peace of Mind
*   Time and Money Savings
*   Hands-on Assistance
*   Willingness to do whatever you would do . . . including getting dirty!!
*   Answer to the question, "Why did I make this appointment and what do I want to change?"
*   Relax!  If you feel unsure about where to begin, or what to do, The Simple Life Professional Organizers have the knowledge and experience to guide you in making that decision.

Our Professional Organizers will use objective eyes and ears . . . as well as a creative mind to help you step back, regain clarity, and view a situation in new ways.  Getting organized is more than buying containers or planners . . . it is about changing the way you approach things in your life.  Organizing is a skill that can be learned.  If you've tried to get your home or office clutter under control but haven't been able to keep it up, contact us to help you determine the root cause of your physical clutter and design specific systems to address this challenge.  It is only when the systems match your personal style and living that you will be able to maintain organization.  Organizing  homes, families, and lives is our gift and we love to share that with others!

Please don't be embarrassed . . . no home is too messy to be organized!  We are here to help and love a challenge!  Our non-judgmental approach will make you feel comfortable every step of the way.

The Simple Life strives to make the organizing process as quick and efficient as possible; however, each client and project is different and depends on what you are wanting to accomplish.  Generally, the length of a project depends on the size of the area to be organized, the amount of clutter that is present, the client's motivation to become organized, the number of distractions from pets, children, significant others and/or electronic devices, and how quickly he or she makes decisions about what stays and what can be donated, sold, consigned, recycled, or thrown away.  We will develop a plan to maximize your results based on your goals and needs.

We will work together side-by-side to determine your organizing style and productivity needs.  Our ultimate goal is to develop a system that works specifically for you, transfer our skills to you, and coach you during the process so that you will be able to maintain the new system and enjoy the benefits of being more organized and productive.  Each session in your space is planned based on your unique needs and usually lasts a minimum of 3 hours.  Organizers do the physical work with you and tailor solutions to your needs, but cannot make decisions for you regarding what to keep or discard.  You will probably find items you forgot you had!

During our session, things often look worse before they look better; however, our Professional Organizers will never leave your home or office a mess between sessions.  We will be able to determine what can be accomplished in the time allotted for a single session.

We prefer to schedule sessions in 3 hour or 4 hour blocks of time.  Three or four hours will allow us enough time to feel a sense of accomplishment, but not get overly tired or distracted; however, we will accommodate your needs and preferences in order to help you achieve the result you are seeking.

Good question . . . no!  Let's first figure out what you want to do, how much you will be discarding, and how you want to organize the rest.  We always try to work with organizing products and supplies you have on hand before suggesting the purchase of additional products.  Buying the wrong supplies can just create more clutter.  If purchases are necessary, we can do the shopping for you, we can shop together, or you can shop alone after we discuss your needs.

Yes, but remember that children, phone calls, and other distractions can slow down the process and you are paying for this special time with our Professional Organizer.  We recommend that you have someone watch younger children; however, when organizing older children's rooms, they should definitely be included in the process.

We will not throw away anything you do not want us to.  We specialize in developing organizational systems for any items you want to keep; however, we can assist you in making decisions that will help you meet your priorities and goals.  We will ask key questions and make observations and suggestions to help you decide what is or is not important to you . . . ultimately, you, the client, are the final decision-maker.  The same goes for your to-do lists . . . during time management/prioritization sessions, we will talk about your time wasters and energy drainers; however, in the end, you will decide what to eliminate or delegate from your to-do lists or not.
Part of each project involves creating a system that works for you to keep you organized.  The project's success depends not only on our expertise and delivery, but on your commitment to maintain the systems we create together.  We are always available to return for periodic maintenance.

The biggest hurdle is usually getting started.  Sometimes, when we get busy, depressed, injured, or occupied with other things, we allow clutter to accumulate.  After a period of time, the clutter can become so overwhelming that it's difficult to take the first step.

The second hurdle is emotional.  When you begin this task, you will be surrounded by a multitude of items and many of them may have personal significance . . . the nostalgia, memories, and possibly the thoughts of unfinished business can become overwhelming.
We generally service Indianapolis and surrounding areas.  Travel charges may apply for clients who are not within 20 miles of downtown Indianapolis.

We are aware of the high level of trust placed in us by our clients and adhere to the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) Code of Ethics.  All services provided by The Simple Life, Organizing & Planning, LLC are confidential.  With your permission, and only with your explicit permission, we may take before and after photos for our portfolios/social media blogs and posts.  The photos will not focus on personal belongings and will never expose any personal information, but rather to show the type of transformations that organizing creates.  Ultimately, you have the final say about whether any photos are shown to any other source.

The National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) is an association of approximately 5,000 professional organizers dedicated to helping individuals and businesses bring order and efficiency to their lives.  NAPO offers Professional Organizers on-going educational and professional development opportunities to increase their organizing knowledge.
Yes . . . we accept all major credit cards.

Full payment of the minimum fee is required for cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance.

The Simple Life is a local service, which means your precious photos are not mailed across the world or even across the country.  We have convenient pick up locations where we personally collect your photos and drop them off.  This eliminates the cost and hassle of shipping, provides peace of mind, minimizes the environmental impact and supports the local economy!
Once lost or damaged, you can never replace the photos that capture so many priceless memories.  Scanning your photos allows you to create a uniform format that is easy to organize, share, print, and combine with recent photo libraries from all your digital devices (phones, digital cameras, tablets, etc).  These digital files will preserve your photos forever and may even inspire you and your family to revisit them more often!

Scanning photos can take a very long time and some serious patience.  Scanning just a couple of photos can be done rather easily by an individual, but the digitization and organization of large quantities of photographs is more difficult than most people imagine.  Our professionals use the best scanning equipment so that you don't need to purchase another high tech gadget to clutter up your home.  Our Lean Six Sigma experts have mastered a highly efficient scanning process that provides the highest quality scans ever.  Let us do the scanning so that you can spend your time doing what you love!

We scan the smallest printed paper photos you have up to 8"x10" as well as 35mm negatives and 33mm slides.  Our professional quality scanners allow us to scan color photos as well as black and whites.

Yes, we will accept your photos in photo albums!  Please make sure that your albums do not include photos that are permanently glued down.  The Simple Life will remove your photos, scan them, and put them back into your albums for you.

All of your photos are hand-scanned right here in Indianapolis.  None of your photos are sent overseas or across the country.

Depending on how many photos you have, our typical turnaround time is 4-6 weeks.  Once your photos are scanned and digitized, we will contact you to schedule a pick up time.

DPI stands for dots per inch.  DPI measures the resolution, accuracy, sharpness, and clarity of your digital photograph.  A higher DPI usually equates to a higher quality image.  Our standard scanning is 600 dpi for paper, which exceeds what is required to use your digital photos electronically.  This higher resolution allows you to enlarge your image to a size twice as large as the original when printing.  Industry standards have established that 300 - 600 dpi are the optimal DPI levels for paper photos for most people.  Slides and negatives require 2000 - 4000 dpi, which is no problem for our professional scanners.  The Simple Life's service includes the following: high resolution scanning, Kodak Digital ICE (to remove dust and blemishes), and manual processing to crop, rotate, and color correct your photos.

Here at The Simple Life, we recommend storing all photos in an organized and central location, preferably your computer's hard drive, with a back-up copy on an external hard drive.  We also highly recommend backing up all your important computer files on the cloud using a web-based service.  See this article by PCMAG.com for available services.  Please keep in mind that through our professional organizing services, you can schedule an appointment for us to walk you through all of these options to get your digital hoto library and any other computer files organized and secure.

As a simple, but short-term storage plan, you can store your photos on a flash drive for $15.  Extra copies are available for $15 each.

Your photos will be stored in a personalized online gallery.  From this gallery, you can share your images with family and friends.  Flash drives are available for purchase for $15.  Flash drives can be viewed with most devices with a USB port.  Your photos will be organized in folders wherever feasible.  For example, if you have a group of photos in a plastic bag labeled "Jim's Retirement", we will create a folder on our flash drive titled "Jim's Retirement".

All scans are manually cleaned, dusted, rotated, and color corrected.  We also remove any blank or black border left after the equipment scans the photo.  Additionally, we remove minor blemishes and optimize your photos to provide the highest quality images possible.  All of these services are included within our standard pricing.

Yes, whenever necessary, photos are cleaned to remove dust prior to scanning.  In addition, our scanners are equipped with Digital ICE technology that automatically removes dust and minor scratches from the final digital image.

Digital ICE is a technology that is built into select scanners to identify and remove dust marks and minor scratches automatically.  The ICE technology works from within the scanner, so unlike the software-only solutions it does not alter any underlying details of the image.  The ICE technology uses a scanner with a pair of light sources, a normal RGB lamp and an IR lamp, and scans twice, once with each lamp.  Using the IR lamp, the machine identifies surface defects on the film, like dust or scratches, and then scans the photos normally.  Once both scans are completed, the general concept is to subtract the position of scratches and dust from the RGB scan.  The resulting image is often a significant improvement from the original.

With our standard 600 dpi scans of prints, you can reprint and enlarge a photo up to at least twice the size of the original.  4000 dpi scans of slides and negatives can be reprinted at a minimum of 8"x10".

We are aware of the high level of trust placed in us by our clients and adhere to the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) Code of Ethics.  All services provided by The Simple Life, Organizing & Planning, LLC are confidential and we are committed to protecting your privacy.

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