about me

Hi, I'm Rachel . . . here's a bit about me!

I started organizing at a young age when my friends would pay me their allowance to clean their rooms . . . yeah, really!  Their parents were all so happy when I came over . . . I always got their kids to do their chores . . . or at least their chores got done :)

I am what some call CDO . . . OCD with the letters in alphabetical order, just as they should be!  Yes, I am a perfectionist - I am detail-oriented and strive to understand exactly what my clients are looking for.  I love to get creative and think outside the box . . . and I am always trying to find a way to be more efficient at whatever it is that I am doing. 

I am a graduate of Purdue University's Krannert School of Management . . . Boiler Up!!  I studied Accounting, Finance, and Marketing and worked as an Internal Auditor straight out of college.  Pushing piles of paper around wasn't exactly my forte, so I decided to try something new.  I was hired as an Accounts Receivable Manager at a start up pharmacy and began implementing process improvement initiatives by learning about Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma.  I then moved on to even bigger projects working on similar initiatives as the Quality Manager, building a world-class pharmacy.  And now?  I am using all of these skills to help simplify your life . . . organizing & planning 24/7!!

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